Charles Darwin:

charles darwin


Charles Darwin concluded that all life evolved and was not created. How did he reconcile this conflict between science and religion?

After years of painstaking research, Charles Darwin came to the conclusion that all life has evolved, and was not spontaneously created. Not surprisingly, his findings provoked uproar within the religious establishment and not least dismay to his wife who was a devout Christian.

He did not deliberately set out to be the ‘destroyer of mythical beliefs’, some of which, in his early days as a young Christian, he had previously espoused. He was a modest man who liked to avoid controversy, yet he was to be the cause of one of the greatest controversies in the history of science and religion. When he embarked on HMS Beagle, he could not have imagined the experience would lead him to formulate a theory that would revolutionize the way in which man viewed the natural world. How did this thoughtful, methodical scientist come to have such an impact on his time – and on ours?

That is the question that Andrew Norman seeks to answer in this lucid and concise biography of the author of The Origin of Species.

  • Publisher: Pen & Sword Books
  • Publication Date: 09th September 2013
  • ISBN: 9781781592786
  • Cover types: Hardback, Kindle

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