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"I hope that you will share with me my interest in the following subjects, about which I have written recently. My life as a teenager in Southern Rhodesia and the enigmatic character of Robert Mugabe, who became its leader when that country became Zimbabwe. The life of Marilyn Monroe: one of glamour but also one of sadness, for she was, in fact, unbeknown to most, a traumatized and vulnerable person. Did any of Adolf Hitler’s henchmen; or his doctor; or his wife-to-be Eva Braun, think/believe that the German Führer was a madman? If so, to what extent were they prepared to admit it? Religious fundamentalism of whatever kind, and the violence that accompanies it, is universally decried. But how does it arise? What makes a fundamentalist? And most importantly, how can fundamentalism be prevented?"

VIEW BOOK Religious Fundamentalism Book - The Unwitting Fundamentalist by Andrew Norman

The Unwitting Fundamentalist


Mugabe: Monarch of Blood and Tears

VIEW BOOK Robert Mugabe Biography Book - Lost Jewel Of Africa

Robert Mugabe: Lost Jewel Of Africa

VIEW BOOK Marilyn Monroe Biography - Making Sense of Marilyn

Making Sense of Marilyn

VIEW BOOK Hitler Biography Book - Hitler's Insanity: A Conspiracy of Silence

Hitler's Insanity: A Conspiracy of Silence

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"The following two books which are shortly to be published are, I hope, of general interest and particularly so to those who know and love Dorset."