Thomas Hardy at Max Gate: The Latter Years


In June 1883, Thomas Hardy, then aged forty-three, returned to Dorchester in his native county of Dorsetshire, together with his wife Emma, in order to find a house. Unable to find a property which suited himself and Emma, he decided to build one, on a plot of land purchased from the estate of The Duchy of Cornwall and situated a mile or so to the east of Dorchester on the road to Wareham. Sadly however, all was not well in Hardy's 'Garden of Eden', as his marriage to Emma, gradually disintegrated into a meaningless charade.

The purpose of this book is to pierce the veil of secrecy which Hardy deliberately drew over his life; to decipher the coded messages which his writings contain; to find out why his life was so filled with anguish, an anguish which, paradoxically, led to the creation, by him, of some of the finest novels and poems in the English language.

Expected publication date Q1-Q2 2016.

  • Publisher: Halsgrove
  • Publication Date: 19th April 2016
  • ISBN: 9780857042675
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