T.E. Lawrence: Tormented Hero

T.E. Lawrence Biography Book: Tormented Hero

T.E. Lawrence Biography - Synopsis

The story of T.E. Lawrence's inner struggle against the demons that tormented him, together with the most comprehensive investigation yet of his final motorcycle crash.

As a resident of South Dorset I have always been intrigued by T. E. Lawrence, who was once stationed at Bovington Army Camp, just up the road. I wonder why, for example, did 'Lawrence of Arabia', at the height of his fame, choose to shun the limelight and join the lower ranks of the armed forces, when he had formerly held the rank of colonel? What had so damaged him emotionally? What were the demons that tormented him? A possible explanation is put forward. Also, new light is shed on the circumstances surrounding the motorcycle crash that prematurely ended his life.

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  • Publisher: Fonthill Media
  • Publication Date: 31st July 2014
  • ISBN: 9781781550199
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T. E. Lawrence: Tormented Hero Andrew Norman - Overview The Author Look inside Reviews In T. E. Lawrence: Tormented Hero , Andrew Norman sheds new light on Lawrence of Arabia that remains a mystery to this day. Lawrence's sexual orientation is discussed in detail, including his dislike of physical relationships and it is suggested that he suffered from sexual aversion disorder.

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T.E. Lawrence Biography Book - Tormented Hero

T.E.Lawrence - Tormented Hero

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