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Doorstep History features my grandfather

The Unwitting Fundamentalist

Doorstep History features my grandfather Thomas Waldin, covering his time in the trenches and how he over came severe injuries received on the Western Front...more.

The Unwitting Fundamentalist!

The Unwitting Fundamentalist

Fundamentalist beliefs, whether political or religious, are at the root of much of the misery...more.

A Conspiracy of Silence?

The Unwitting Fundamentalist

In my book Hitler: Dictator or Puppet, I present evidence that Hitler was insane and in fact, suffered from schizophrenia...more.

The Disappearing Novelist

Agatha Christie, The Disappearing Novelist

The greatest mystery attached to Agatha Christie is not to be found in her detective novels, but in her unexplained disappearance ...more.

Corfe Castle in the Civil War

Corfe Castle in the Civil War

Corfe Castle is one of the most instantly recognisable ancient monuments in the United Kingdom ...more.

Enid Blyton and her Enchantment with Dorset

Enid Blyton Dorset

Enid Blyton's 'Five' stories were centred in her imagination and in Dorset's beautiful Isle of Purbeck where today...more.

George Loveless and the Tolpuddle Martyrs

George Loveless

A highlight of my research was to identify from an old map, the former cottage of George Loveless...more.